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MoveNow University is a step-by-step implementation program that helps you:
  • Differentiate Yourself From Other Chiropractors.
  • Obtain More Referrals.
  • Get more Long-Term Patients.
  • ​Get more New Patients.
  • ​Master Communication with Staff and Patients.
  • ​Get Paid More for Your Services.
Upgrade Your Practice
Segment, Posture, Movement
The “SPM” Model (segment, posture, movement) of practice can define your unique place in your Chiropractic community.
We all know SEGMENT but if you begin here, you have already LOST the majority of your audience.
Are you addressing POSTURE?

The public recognizes this buzzword, now how are you relating it back to what you do? 
MOVEMENT. This is where you will gain the most traction in your community and with your patients.

How are you tying this back to CHIROPRACTIC?
Patients Get It…
“Why didn’t I think of that?”
Don’t worry, we did!
MoveNow University is a step-by-step coaching program that teaches you how to profitably add a Functional Movement Department to your Chiropractic Practice.
Listed below are the main building blocks…
The 12 Week Transformation
The Functional Movement Journey for Your Patients
The 12 Week Transformation is the foundation through which you provide functional movement in your practice, and it’s what separates you from the other Chiropractors in town.

It’s the program your patients sign up for to get adjusted by you AND exercise in your clinic (you get paid for BOTH!).

First, you will learn how to properly assess their movement dysfunctions through a screening called the MoveWell 3.

Then you will learn how to prescribe the custom 12 week corrective exercise care plan to your patients based on their dysfunctions.

We train you how to get your patients excited about it, how to get them to see the VALUE and be eager to PAY for it, and how to overcome their objections.
What makes you stand out even more is the online membership access that your patients will get!

How great is it being able to take care of them even when they are not in your office?

The membership area includes a complete exercise library for their home care.
The “Belt System”
For Ultimate Patient Engagement
The martial arts world has mastered the Belt System.
As your patients progress through the 12 Week Transformation, they complete exercises that are ranked using the “Belt System” of Functional Movement.  

By rewarding your patients as they complete more challenging exercises, they GET EXCITED to execute more!
The “Belt System” brings out the competitive nature in your patients, getting them motivated to excel. This results in more engagement and better clinical results!
The Documentation Suite
Bulletproof Systems, Forms & Flowcharts
As your patients progress through the Belt System of Functional Movement, everything is documented in a fine-tuned methodical way.

The MoveNow Coaching Program equips you with every document, PDF, flowsheet, and protocol you need to get outstanding objective measurements for your patients.

You’re also equipped with everything you need to train your entire staff so that everyone is on the same page.
The Recommendation Card
Twelve Weeks of Care Mapped Out
All of the recommendations for your patient’s care is in one place.

This card has been revised numerous times over the years and has become the master clinical care plan document.

This document is what every department can reference as your “prescription” for your patient’s clinical care.
The Travel Card
Checks / Balances for Compliance & Accuracy
What started as a checklist for a patient's services each visit, has become a staple in our clinic.  After 15 years of trying and testing, and 20 revisions later, we finally decided to pass the template on to you.

The “Travel Card” is a document that follows the patient around the clinic and back to the front desk.  This is used for our "daily internal audit" so that our systems and flow run seamlessly.
The Exercise Card
Efficient & Compliant
Your staff’s ability to track a patient’s progression from visit to visit is crucial.

This document is used to track the exercises completed, real-time, to then to enter the full note in your EHR system.

The Exercise Card is used in conjunction with the Recommendation Card and the Travel Card.
There’s  More for You & Your Team.
Along with the Exercise Card, the Recommendation Card, and the Travel Card, You will have access to 40+ standardized procedures and documents to make your patient programming well-oiled and bulletproof.

Everything is laid out for you in video training format inside of an online membership portal.

In addition to the portal, you will have direct access to Dr. Todd to collaborate, ask questions, and have detailed discussions about your practice.

In addition to that, Dr. Todd goes live inside the private Facebook group at least 3 times per week to answer questions and discuss what’s working in the industry.
Stop Letting Things Get In the Way of Your Future.
We help hundreds of Chiropractors all over the world, and we can’t wait to help you too. If you want to raise yourself to the next level, get started now.
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